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Area Manager - Specialty (Packaging)

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Date: 20-Dec-2018

Location: Loudon, TN, US

Company: Tate & Lyle

Area Manager – Specialty Department                                                          Job Description

Grade C                                                                                                          12.20.18


Position Summary:

This is a Staff Level position that reports directly to the Operations Manager. It is responsible for the operation of the Specialty (Packaging, Krystar and Maltodextrin) area of the Loudon, TN plant, including the safety, efficiency, quality, production, cost, staffing, and project management. This position is responsible for setting and assigning area priorities for technicians and engineers along with mentoring, training, and managing those employees. This position is responsible for maintaining state of the art technical skills and process knowledge.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Safety
    1. Responsible for providing leadership, communication, and support to your area in all matters related to Safety.
    2. Responsible for leading all incident and safety investigations in your area.
    3. Responsible for communicating safety information to the area, leading morning team meetings with a daily safety topic, and facilitating discussion around any safety issues.
  2. Organization
    1. Implement a system for setting and tracking priorities.
    2. Report the status of actionable items to the Operations Manager.
    3. Attend all relevant meetings.
  3. Daily Game Plan
    1. Responsible for creating the daily strategy for the process area including safety, forward planning, GMP, and Process Issues.
      1. Safety- Communicate the deviations from normal operations, potential and recognized hazards.
      2. Forward Planning – Communicate upcoming events, audits, customer visits, projects, shutdowns, training, etc.
      3. GMP – Communicate areas targeted for cleaning within the next 24 hours. Reinforce the expectation that all employees clean for 1 hour per shift.
      4. Process Issues – Actionable items that the Team Coordinator should be addressing and reporting on in their logbooks.
    2. Responsible for delegating Daily Game Plan creation and implementation to an area engineer or day resource resulting from the Area Managers absence.
  4. Training
    1. Act as a resource for skill block, new process, new technician, and tech development training.
    2. Ensure compliance with time limits set for skill block completion for area techs.
    3. Require team coordinators (or ATC’s) to provide a performance review for all techs. Area Managers are responsible for providing performance reviews for TC’s and area staff.
    4. Responsible for creating your individual training plan and achieving it.
  5. Developmental Management
    1. Setting area goals and objectives with the assistance of area leadership.
    2. Review goals and objectives on a periodic basis.
  6.  Area Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Define and communicate expectations for all leadership in area of management, Team Coordinators, Day Resources, and Engineers.
    2. Team Coordinators run the day-to-day operations of the area.
      1. Direct the team to accomplish area goals for safety, GMP, environmental, cost, production, and training.
      2. Lead Daily morning meetings.
      3. Establish a daily work list and assign a responsible party for addressing any issues.
      4. Communicate any absences or performance issues.
    3. Day Resources are the forward planners and technical experts in the area.
      1. Act as a technical resource for the area.
      2. Work with maintenance on resolving process issues.
      3. Planning and scheduling maintenance activity.
      4. Managing small projects.
      5. Report any safety, quality, or process issue during the morning meeting and work to address said issues.
      6. Responsible for all process shutdown planning.
      7. Report monthly progress relative to goals and expectations, project involvement, reports costs as applicable, process maintenance activities relative to planned goals.
    4. Engineers are the continuous improvement facilitators for the area.
      1. Manage, review, and fix any deviations of key performance indicators in the area.
      2. Provide technical knowledge and expertise to technicians and team coordinators.
      3. Assist in solving process issues.
      4. Report monthly progress relative to goals and expectations, project involvement, reports costs as applicable, process maintenance activities relative to planned goals.
  7. Documentation and Reporting
    1. Responsible for tracking and recording all relevant area information in a well-organized and shareable format.
    2. Generate a monthly report that tracks safety, quality, environmental, production relative to plan including yield variances, costs and out of range cost drivers, and project activities.
  8. Accountability
    1. Define and set expectations for the group.
    2. Communicate the what and how to each employee.
    3. Provide tools for accomplishing expectations.
    4. Hold team accountable.
    5. Track training timelines, process variances, performance, behavior, environmental variances, absenteeism, etc.
  9. Cost control/tracking
    1. Responsible for understanding fixed and variable costs in your area.
    2. Responsible for reducing costs.
  10. Meetings
    1. Meet daily with area staff before the Loudon Morning Production Meeting. Set the teams focus to current issues and who is working to resolve them.
    2. Meet weekly with maintenance and the day resource to discuss priorities, shutdowns needed, etc.
    3. Meet monthly with the Area Safety Core Group and Area Core Group to discuss safety, training, and tech development.



  • Experience leading successful teams comprised of process technicians, engineers, and maintenance personnel as well as demonstrating excellent problem solving skills.
  • Excellent computer skills: Word, Excel, SAP, Outlook, OSI PI
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, organizational skills, and self-motivated customer focused aptitude and attitude, Must have the ability to build good relationships with internal peers, customer service, and sales group.
  • Have a management style consistent with a participative environment.
  • Possess broad based technical skills, as well as, planning, organizing, and people development with at least 5 years of technical and plant experience.


  • Continuous industrial processing experience
  • 4-year Engineer degree in Chemical, Mechanical, or Electrical
  • Broad Industrial and technical knowledge
  • Experience with packaging, food safety, or similar processes.


Nearest Major Market: Knoxville